Nicolas Giraud in a few sentences

A successful business starts from your drive and passion as an entrepreneur; you have a very good sense of where your goal lies. But the road to that goal is littered with uncertainty, fear, loneliness and doubt.

By now, I already occasionally dare to call myself an entrepreneur at heart. I know what it is to build something, but more importantly, what it is to hit a wall and have to take a few steps back to see the bigger picture again and build on from there.

I therefore started CFO-as-a-Service, together with my co-founder Sven Moreels, because I want to help other entrepreneurs based on my years of experience as an entrepreneur. In fact, I co-founded and helped grow several companies, always taking on the role of CFO. I especially learned how big the gap often is between entrepreneurs and people with a more financial background, a gap that I want to bridge through CFO-as-a-Service in order to really tailor finance to entrepreneurs.

In my role as Managing Partner at CFO-as-a-Service, I provide strategic financial advice to entrepreneurs of startups, scale-ups and SMEs on a daily basis. I always do this in a direct and honest way. I am convinced that my added value lies in the impact I can create with entrepreneurs. An open and honest conversation from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, in which the essence is quickly reached and things are named as they are. This is often very confrontational for the entrepreneur, but as an entrepreneur you do everything you can to achieve your goal and you don't need consultants who gloss over things.

I do not put myself in the entrepreneur's place, it is still his or her dream that needs to be realised, but through my engagement I can be a real support to the entrepreneur. Engagement is essential. Engagement both in what I do, the resources I use for this and the duration of the collaboration. After all, I am helping you as an entrepreneur to realise your dream.

At CFO-as-a-Service, we are a sounding board, a sparring partner, someone who thinks proactively about the next step and helps you as an entrepreneur to focus on realising your entrepreneurial dream.

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Then be sure to contact me for an introductory meeting.

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