"Helping entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams"


As an entrepreneur, you are working day and night on growing your business. Sometimes, it might even keep you awake at night. Especially when it comes to the financing of your business:

- Can I pay my employees and bills, now and in the future? 

- Which products/projects will make money, and which will cost me money? 

- Are the foundations of my business good enough to let it grow?

- How do I grow my business with external financing? And how do I ensure that that money actually ends up in my bank account?

Entrepreneurship comes with many financial responsibilities and concerns. At CFO-as-a-Service we are your sounding board when it comes to (external) financing.

What can we do for your company?

Reach out What do we do?




Provide a solid financial foundation, giving entrepreneurs of startups, scale-ups and SMEs the focus and peace of mind they need to grow their businesses sustainably and with confidence.



Help entrepreneurs of startups, scale-ups and SMEs build a sustainable business where all stakeholders, from employees to shareholders, have the opportunity to grow and reach their potential.


Main objectives

Build a complementary team of people, each with their financial expertise, to flexibly serve startups, scale-ups and SMEs according to their needs. We lead by example.

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